BlacKkKlansman ★★★★★

Today marks 11 months since I left the United States for good. A country I loved often and hated sometimes. A place where I learned to be disappointed in my own race and stop tolerating the racist imbeciles around us. What happened in Charlotesville was a tragedy and it shouldn't have been forgotten, and it was. Nobody gives a fuck about Heather Heyer anymore. Or the First Baptist shooting. Or cared that Brock Turner's privileged ass was used as an excuse for raping women.

Those people are still out there, around us, hiding. None of this will ever change. Not when it's more important to be entertained than to empathise.

But please, go fucking VOTE ON NOVEMBER 6TH. I wish I could've while I was there but I wasn't allowed. Just give the Dems a chance to get him out of office.

It'll be something at least.