Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker ★★½

Wow I was like super kind to this film on my first watch. And I standby that star wars is one of the best cinema experiences and I love everything about it... except this.

Aside from some good visuals and some good jokes and the chemistry that is strong between the leads, there are SO many issues that are endless.

Above all, the story is shit. Even the fucking scroll and dialogue can't quite believe that palpatine is the big player in this film it's that ridiculous.

There are too many happy coincidences like the dagger map, people showing up who were supposedly blown up etc. Its lazy as fuck. It has no backbone.

If carrie fishers death didn't surround this film I dont think it would play out or feel the same as it did. Her scenes are heartbreaking considering.

In general this whole trilogy could've been something great but it was let down by generally lazy writing, a terribly inconsistent arc and highly publicized rivalry, backstabbing and pettiness. But I essentially don't see the point in this trilogy at all. No reason for it other than money. There is no story.

EDIT - no biggest problem is that they sidelined a whole fucking character who had a whole story going and shit happened to her and she gets sidelined!?!?!? Why!! Katie Marie deserved better from the fans and from the heads. Fuck them for letting her down.
ps. She also didnt need dominic Monaghan to share her scenes and lines with her - thanks jj 🖕

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