Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Star Wars: The Force Awakens ★★★

Gave it a like because it still has me torn..

Basically so many good moments, visuals and scenes but it just had so much potential and falls short.

When I first saw it in cinemas it was a great experience but an experience alone, the major issue is the story is a rehash of the original. And it's not that as the problem, it is that there is no other story or meat to it than that. Light vs bad and that's basically it. I love the intro and Finn's experience as an avenue of exploration but we don't get much more detail or exploration..

The other issue is that it's just too excitable. All the reveals and call backs feel too excitable and over the top. The prequels have the harking back but in a much more subtle way that isn't excitable and they stick to their tone and feel much more aligned with the star wars vibe. The acting is very energetic and doesn't really feel like its emulating the campness of the originals and is just I guess emulating the experience of marvel films like guardians???

It doesn't have the same spark it did at the time and I can see how the problems of being stuck between different fan bases and trying to please everyone just destroys this trilogy. Like nothing is right for anyone and I think in that lies the issues.