Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter ★½

As a whole I don't really care for the Resident Evil movies. However, I am a fan of Retribution. The main reason I liked Retribution is because the movie finally embraced itself as a mindless action movie. It's essentially a balls to the wall action movie for its entire 85 minute run-time. It didn't spend much time trying to tell a story that no one cares about. That's my biggest issue with the other films, they spend too much time developing this story that nobody gives a damn about. I don't watch these movies for the story, I watch them to see Alice kill zombies and be a badass. I was excited for The Final Chapter because I figured it would be an extension of Retribution. The previous film came out 5 years ago, so I figured this one would have better special effects and better action due to improved technology.

Well is turns out Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is garbage. This movie is probably the worst edited movie I've seen to date. The action sequences are incomprehensible. Seriously, it's damn near impossible to tell what's going on. It was like looking into a fucking strobe light. There are cuts every second. It was like the movie was on fast forward every time there's action taking place. Whoever edited this movie shouldn't even be allowed to edit YouTube videos. RETFC does the exact opposite of RER. RER actually had impressive and well edited action sequences. You can actually see everything that's going on. What a concept!!

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