Candyman ★★★½

Perhaps my expectations for Candyman were too high because unfortunately I left the theater feeling a little disappointed. There’s a very good movie in here somewhere, but this was a bit of a mess. It’s very choppy and doesn’t have a natural feeling flow to it. 

I also think this would have been much better if it was more of a reboot instead of making it a direct sequel to the 1992 original. They tried way too hard to tie this to the original. Liked the performances, there’s some good kills and gore, very good camera work as well. However, to me it felt like this film contained many scenes that were reshoots. It’s just sloppy and unfocused. 

Side note: go watch the original Candyman (1992). Imo it’s one of the more underrated and under appreciated horror movies of the 80s and 90s.

Edit: Liked it a little more after seeing it again!

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