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This review may contain spoilers.

Movies where the lead can find no one that will believe them -- not even their closest friends and family -- make me incredibly tense, and this was no exception. Elisabeth Moss gets put in some impossible situations here. She communicates a level of despair and frustration I suspect will be familiar to those who've been in abusive and controlling relationships.

I knew going in a twist was coming but didn't know what it was.  For some reason I worried it was going to be some weird Keyser Soze reveal that she had been gaslighting herself and others. Thankfully they didn't go there. I think that could have been really scary/disturbing (the true crime book The Deaths of Cindy James is both horrifying and sad; her story has stayed with me) but would have been completely inappropriate for this type of film.  (It also would have required exceptional sensitivity to pull off.)  This kind of movie requires a clear villain (sorry) and it absolutely delivers a compelling threat that is felt in virtually every scene.

There are some plot holes, I guess (I didn't care much about them, even though I was dying to buy her a can of black spray paint), and they missed an opportunity to blast 'Invisible Touch' over the closing credits, but it was really, really well done and Moss was fantastic. 

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