Beef ★★★

A documentary series on feuds between rap artists. The first entry is the best of them, with a nice selection of noted hostilities and big names. Combining current interviews with archival material from the height of their hostilities, it’s a wealth of classic footage that is informative beyond the documentary’s lurid origins. Structurally Beef spends five to ten minutes with each pairing, but in the middle half hour they abandon it for a broad half hour look at East and West Coast animosities. This lacks the depth of individuals, while throwing off the pace. The upside to this is minimal focus on Tupac and Biggie, which is refreshingly tasteful given the exploitative nature of the production.

None of the beefs covered will offer new insights into fans of the musical genre, but do provide insights for novices.

Busy Bee Starski / Kool Moe Dee
KRS-One / MC Shan
Ice Cube / NWA... Dr. Dre / Easy E
Common / Westside Connection
Tru Life / Mobb Deep
50 Cent / Ja Rule