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  • The Mourning Forest
  • Leave No Trace
  • Talea
  • A Million Years

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  • Min Alesh?

    Min Alesh?


    It does follow the predictable path of sports films as a poor woman makes good based on her athletic ability. However, the emotion generated here is more genuine and less cheesey as you really root for Selam.

    There are a few issues, particularly with sound mixing, and some elements are a little shallow but the performances make up for it by providing a funny and hearwarming film.

    Selam is such a great character. She's kind to neighbours who call her…

  • End-O



    nice attempt at education via film but didn't entirely work for me narratively.

    Didn't ring true to my experience, and as something that affects such a large proportion of potential sufferers it was a bit blunt/ basic when obviously millions of people are going to have different experiences. The pieces with food were interesting and entertaining but the rest felt like it was trying too hard to make a point.

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  • Titanic


    Today marks the 5000th day I've been with my partner. I was going to celebrate by writing about a film we shared and loved together but instead I'll write about our meeting.

    In 1997-1998 I worked in a cinema ostensibly to save money for university but I actually spent it all on booze. We persuaded a colleague to hold an Oscar night party and so my workmates and I watched the 1997 Oscars together. One workmate brought a friend who…

  • Women Make Film: A New Road Movie Through Cinema

    Women Make Film: A New Road Movie Through Cinema


    As a film about film this is an easy win. If you are interested in cinema and its history then of course watching a ton of clips from interesting and diverse films is going to be fun. But there are a few problems and, more concerning, I haven't seen them discussed much.

    Watching the documentary was a pleasure and I found myself noting directors and films to investigate further. Though not as many as I expected. Over 80% of the…