• Dinner in America

    Dinner in America


    Kyle Gallner sheds his Emo skin of earlier roles for this inflammatory indie that popped up on my European Arrow player feed. Recommended wholeheartedly to fans of Bobcat Goldthwait's brand of genre shucking. Could have used more of still fetching Lea Thompson as a desperately horny MILF. 7.6/10

  • BloodRayne


    A decent genre cast, but didn't Boll me over. 3.4/10

  • F9



    Boldly goes where no F&F has gone before...

    It's fabulously self-aware and I found myself enjoying the humor and tongue-in-cheek gusto of the whole affair. A colorful live action videogame/comic book without a dour bone in its heavily tricked out body. This movie came to play. As an unapologetic Moonraker fan, some of this shit had me in orbit.

    Refreshing, too, since my last flick in the cinema was the pretentiously silly Tenet. The difference is F9 doesn't have pretentions…

  • Clapboard Jungle

    Clapboard Jungle


    A struggling small town Canadian filmmaker turns the camera on himself over a five year period. It's fast-paced and packed with insights from an impressive lineup of both veteran and emerging genre talent. I savored this one and intend to make it through all the bonus content provided on Arrow Player which includes commentaries and extended interviews from the likes of George Romero, Lloyd Kaufman and Paul Schrader. There's lots more to explore in this jungle and the streaming package surrounding this documentary alone is worth the five bucks I paid for the monthly subscription. 9.2/10

  • Wax



    Great location should have been exploited so much better. Desperately needed one of its female torture victims to be the lead, since the boobs and blood were the best things on display. The clown cast as the lead is like a beta fusion of William Katt and Carrot Top. Geraldine Chaplin was somehow in this and she passes by a wax statue of Charlie at the very moment he shudders in his grave. A crap movie collective feature of the week. 3.6/10

  • Black Roses

    Black Roses


    You've got to fight for your right to party in this campy canuxploitation classic that would make for a nice double bill with Trick or Treat, which also features satanic panic via a renegade rock influencer. The Black Roses are led by the charismatic rocker Damian. They rock because they've got cooler cars, bigger hair and the ability to morph into demons onstage. The uptight townsfolk fear the band's limited concert engagement will steer their already obsessed youth down further…

  • Old 37

    Old 37


    Wasn't expecting to start the day off with an Alan Smithee joint, but there you have it. Terrible title and every alternative that folks have mentioned in Letterboxd reviews were better choices. Bill Moseley is just a fantastic genre actor and he's chewing the fat well here. You'd think it would just stick to a simple slasher mode about demented killers posing as paramedics. Spoiler: It doesn't.

    I did like how the mother endorses the slutification of her daughter. She…

  • The Morning After

    The Morning After


    Jane Fonda is particularly odd in her performance as a slightly successful television actress with a history of getting blackout drunk. I wasn't too convinced and it seems like she's really struggling to find the character through its inconsistencies. That issue stems mostly from what appears to be a rather undeveloped plot. Fonda's wardrobe also doesn't do her many favors and mostly hides her impressive physique which I fondly recall from those old VHS workouts she was promoting around the…

  • Army of the Dead

    Army of the Dead


    The trailer was a little gem and such effective use of Kenny Rogers' classic song "The Gambler." A few early moments recapture some of that energy and attitude with "Suspicious Minds" and "Viva Las Vegas" on the soundtrack. That slow-motion title sequence teases a film that we'll hopefully get once the already confirmed prequel arrives.

    Another horror flick weighted down by stock unlikable characters and a post-apocalyptic vibe. Not sure why the stylistic approach made it also feel like I…

  • Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

    Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me


    Joe Bob was so much less PC back in the Monstervision era. Guess that makes sense given where we are in the current climate. He was evidently only passably familiar with the world of Twin Peaks as he mistakes The Roadhouse for One Eyed Jacks. In fairness, there really should have been a sequence at Jacks. I didn't expect to be watching this again tonight; just stumbled upon a stream on CyTube that spliced in the old TNT Monstervision footage.…

  • What Lies Below

    What Lies Below


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    A watermark genre shipping of H.P. Lovecraft and V.C. Andrews that I didn't know I needed.

    Writer/director Braden R. Duemmler grabs the teen thriller by the p*ssy and squeezes tight. Menstrual blood hasn't been this triggering or humiliatingly perverse since Carrie. Cuts close to the more unsettling coming-of-age metaphors of Bob Balaban's Parents and Brian Yuzna's Society. Stays deceptively in the shallower end of the pool in order to keep the Lifetime audience on board. Then it plunges its final girl into the darkest depths and makes her swallow hard. 8.1/10

  • North Hollywood

    North Hollywood


    A post Larry Clark skateboarder drama that paints a more optimistic picture, but still hits hard when it needs to. Flows almost poetically when non-diegetic doo-wop songs accompany the skating montages. I stand behind this handsome little trailblazer and think it's really worth a watch. Good relationships, particularly during those father and son scenes. Feels new and familiar all at once. The mostly sunny and attractive North Hollywood locations are a most welcome surprise in 2021. 8.4/10