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  • Top Line

    Top Line


    Starts out weird, but hey, alcoholic Franco Nero!!
    And then George Kennedy as old Nazi!!
    And then suddenly an Aztec Temple!!!
    And inside that temple an UFO!!!!
    And then a long bloody car chase through a cactus field!!
    And then a another wild and over-the-top bonkers chase that seems to be even longer than that one chase in Amsterdamned!!!
    And then suddenly a Terminator!!!
    And then suddenly a bull fighting that Terminator!!!
    And then suddenly a slimy Xenomorphic Alien!!!

  • Taras Bulba

    Taras Bulba


    First one to review this!

    For whatever reason, this was shot and released in the same year as the American "Taras Bulba" adaptation with Tony Curtis. Of course, the Italian version bombed like hell and faded into obscurity - which is kinda sad bc this is actually a solid film. Nothing groundbreaking, but with a fun performance by Vladimir Medar, lots of silly-looking but entertaining war scenes, and a quite heartbreaking ending that I totally didn't see coming.

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  • Ghostland


    Alternate Titles:
    "Loud, Annoying Noises: The Movie"
    "Loud, Annoying Screams: The Movie"
    "Loud, Annoying Jump Scares: The Movie"
    "Twistident in a Twistland"
    "High Tension Inside a Livid Martyr's house at the Frontier(s) Among The Living"

    French horror is officially dead now. The on-set incident with Taylor Hickson hopefully kills off Laugier's career. And, seriously, people who get a real kick out of this fucking piece of shit have serious issues.

  • Leatherface



    This feels like it was made in 2009, you know, the year where lots of backwoods/hillbilly, um, 'classics' like "Albino Farm", "Staunton Hill" or the unwatchable "Wrong Turn 3" were released.

    I'm a huge fan of directors Maury & Bustillo, love all of their films, I adore "Inside" and "Livid", and, yes, love even the mismarketed and slightly misunderstood "Among the Living", as well as their segment for "ABCs of Death 2".

    But this is trash. Beautifully filmed trash - but…