WALL·E ★★★★★

If you were to take away the Toy Story Trilogy, my favorite Pixar film would have to be WALL-E. It’s always that film that I can rewatch and still admire all of its glory. What this film excels at the most is telling a story without needing any dialogue. Yes, the first 30-40 minutes is nothing but visual storytelling. This is what filmmaking was made for, getting the emotions across through facial expressions rather than words. On top of that it’s a great love story. Yeah, two ROBOTS falling in love is more believable than most romantic comedies out nowadays. We see WALL-E and EVE’s relationship grow as the movie progresses. WALL-E is of course such a charming and adorable character and EVE is a great progression from being more focused on her directive to starting to truly care about WALL-E. There is a group of people who feel the movie dips once we reach the Axiom. That I completely disagree with. It’s still the same great quality with still some quiet moments. The other great thing about the movie is that even after 10 years, this is still some of Pixar’s best animation. Just the grand scale of it along with cinematography (consulted by legend Roger Deakins) makes this a gorgeous film to look at even through there is a lot of trash in the film. Also like to mention the great sound design by Star Wars alumni Ben Burtt and Finding Nemo composer Thomas Newman’s beautiful score. WALL-E was always a childhood favorite of mine. Now that I’m a little bit older, that has not changed. This movie is a masterpiece and proof that true love can override any directive.

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