Malignant ★★★

James Wan's MALIGNANT is a tricky one for me. One one hand, I found it to be kind of all over the place and effects that are a little questionable, but at the same time, there are some really wicked cool shots and scenes, and James Wan really went all in for thus kind of 2000s-era horror throwback which is both frustrating, partially due to weird effects that didn't always work for me, and entertaining as hell. A gory, low-key horror flick bundled in a predictable mystery movie package in a sense.
Some people are going to eat this up, others are going to find it just plain bad.

I didn't love it, but connecting it to some of my favorite 2000s horrors like DARKNESS FALLS and STAY ALIVE, along with other films like THE GRUDGE and a splash of BASKET CASE, you might find some enjoyment in MALIGNANT as well.

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