Cult of Chucky

Cult of Chucky ★★★

Andy Barclay's back! And more importantly, so is Chucky, whose harmless (though still living) shotgun-blasted head he keeps in his apartment. So why is there another Good Guy doll displaying Chucky's evil traits, at a psychiatric hospital somewhere snowy? That's where we catch up with Nica, a Curse of Chucky survivor, along with her fellow inmates who include one guy who seems to be a spoof of James McAvoy's character in Split. For this seventh film in the Child's Play/...of Chucky franchise, as ever, has its tongue buried deep in its cheek, with plenty of in-jokes of variable quality. Even though there are (at least) two Chuckys this time, you don't see enough of him/them for large chunks of the film, but when he does appear it's a joy. Thing is, Cult of Chucky is an enjoyable-enough asylum-set thriller in which Chucky is the icing on the cake, whereas what you really want is some thrilling icing on a Chucky-based sponge. Like most of the Child's Play sequels, it's as good as any movie with a wisecracking anti-hero killer doll could hope to be, though with the bonus of not skimping on the gore.

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