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  • The Lighthouse

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  • Dark Waters

    Dark Waters


    This is a movie I appreciate more each time I see it. Such a visual feast!

  • Night of the Demons 2

    Night of the Demons 2


    Some partying teens go to a house haunted by Angela from the first movie, and accidentally bring her back to a conservative school's dance party, with predictably blood results. As loose and fun as the first one - has partying teens, blood, Angela doing demon things, just one of those really enjoyable goopy horror movies.

Popular reviews

  • Candyman



    I kept oscillating between liking the choices being made and not liking them, but at the end, I thought this was a pretty good movie. I didn't expect it to be a direct sequel (I've tried to avoid spoilers on this one) but that didn't detract from it as much as I thought it might. Solid performances all around.

  • Godzilla Raids Again

    Godzilla Raids Again


    The sequel to the OG, this finds Godzilla fighting another monster for the first time, an Ankylosaur. A little goofier in tone than the first, and it seemed more focused on the personal relationships of a circle of workers for a fishing enterprise. Since it's a Godzilla movie, you come to it for giant monster action, and between the two monsters, they tear up Osaka real good. There's a strange choice in pacing - the movie seems to end, then picks up again with another Godzilla threat - but otherwise it's what you would expect from the G man.