Deadly Dreams

Deadly Dreams ★½

Here's a movie you would find in the horror section at your local video store that really isn't a horror movie. I rented this way back in the days when you could rent vhs tapes, and gave up on it because it seem to be a bunch of dream vs. reality nonsense...and upon watching and finishing it 15ish years later, it turns out to be bunch of of dream vs. reality nonsense. But at least now, I can play Vegas style solitaire watching this (I'm up five grand.) As for the plot, prologue child Alex witnesses his parent getting shotgunned by the cover art killer. Now grown up, gaslit Alex has a psychology major best friend who doesn't seem to understand depression, but provides a good deal of homoerotic subtext for those who like unintended homoerotic subtexts, while I mention this, Deadly Dreams has a whole lot of gratuitous shirtless dudes. Oh, you women directors, when will you stop exploiting the male form? I hated the ending, but only because it sucks.

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