Chuck Dowling

Chuck Dowling


I watch a lot of “bad” movies. Big fan of adverbs.

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  • The Stranger

    The Stranger


    Part of the Movies on Cinemax in May 1996 project.

    Movie magic does the heavy lifting for Kathy Long in this “Pale Rider, but a lady” story. Disgusting motorcycle gang led by Andrew Divoff (and featuring Danny Trejo) reigns over a small western town. Surly, spooky lady biker shows up to wreck their shit.

    The action bits are all of the “it’s not going to look great, but you get the idea of what’s supposed to be happening here so…

  • Ultimate Justice

    Ultimate Justice


    This German film (with Mark Dacascos in the lead, for some reason) is your standard "elite mercenary squad disbands then gets back together for one last mission years later" thing. Most everyone is dubbed except for a couple of people, which makes almost all the dialogue scenes super awkward. Also, the movie has a callous disdain for most of its main characters which is not fun to watch.

    That being said, any time there's a fight scene the movie goes…

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  • Foodfight!


    The movie that's running on the monitors in the waiting rooms for Hell.

  • Blame It on Rio

    Blame It on Rio


    In the 1980s people said "We're off to see the latest 'Dude has sex with his best friend's teenage daughter' movie" and since we were so busy with those damn Russians, no one thought to respond "Hey whoa wait a minute, that's not right..."