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  • The Twilight Saga: New Moon

    The Twilight Saga: New Moon

    If anything I gotta say it is wild and cool that such thinly veiled teen soft erotica (or whatever the hell ya wanna call it) became a multi million dollar property that kids could get dropped off by their parents at the mall to go see. Teens lucked out here and in hindsight those who were reaping the benefits of such stimulating silliness got made fun of a ton for it p hardcore. Those uptight haters reaped no benefits tho…

  • Lonely Water

    Lonely Water

    Could be a fine double feature with my new music video project:
    (sorry for promoting. Donald Pleasence told me it was ok!)

  • Spider-Man


    Macy Gray sings at the Macy's day parade. Spider-Man uses a float that looks like a kangaroo to bounce up and fight the Goblin.
    The Goblin is now standing over me atop his glider as I type this shouting FINISH IT!

    I dont want to rate this one. All the star ratings I attempt to assign wind up feeling either too critical or two hyperbolic. Its the start of Sam Ramis gift that he had always wanted to give the…

  • Hollywood Dinosaur Chronicles

    Hollywood Dinosaur Chronicles

    Any Dinosaur doc that features Dinosaur Don Glut blesses the viewer with visions of him in his outrageous Dinosaur pad with his outrageous glasses complaining about the accuracy of dinosaurs in movies as his prized possession, a mechanical pterodactyl from the 1933 Worlds Fair clunks and clanks its mouth open and shut, and I love it. Cant believe that dude is still out there kickin and lovin dinos.

    Yet another North Canton library dino VHS I wore out as a…

  • The Awful Backlash

    The Awful Backlash

    Stumbling upon this and a few other Robert Nelson films during a late night youtube search years ago, was a true relief, a much needed affirmation. I was chaffing under the collegial idea of trying to make a career out of every artistic endeavor I attempted. What I saw in Nelson was film as a hobby, film as a personal journey, an outlet in the truest sense of the word with its reward being very much in the doing. I…

  • The Universal Mind of Bill Evans

    The Universal Mind of Bill Evans

    Stuff to have on in the background level 5000
    "Listen all you Rock Kids! Im hip! I can dig it! That group at the hop is swell beans, but let me hip ya to something. Now I know you might think its cool at first but its this thing called jazz hang on fellas! Just give it a chance!"

  • That Moment: Magnolia Diary

    That Moment: Magnolia Diary

    I watch this lil "special feature" every once and a while when I have worn out Magnolia for the year but still need that extra squeeze of Magnolia A E S T H E T I C as the kids say. Something about those lamps, the lights at the bar that William H Macey has a transcendent freak out at, the way greens and burgundies look in the PTA world.

    If anything this is a window into something that was…

  • Twisted Pair

    Twisted Pair

    Calling Neil Breen the next Tommy Wiseau or Ed Wood made sense to me when I watched his utterly hilarious Fateful Findings film, but Twisted Pair sends him into a whole other level...and I REALLY REALLY cant begin to articulate what that level is. Its a spiritual trip that smells like incense, poop and whatever the hell Martians smell like.

    A film about AI that feels like it was edited together by AI. A trap door into the child like…

  • The Out-of-Towners

    The Out-of-Towners

    Watchin a movie with mom on a Sunday night: Level 40,000.
    John Cleese in drag! Steve Martin accidentally taking ketamine or some shit and becoming one with the universe! both v worthwhile things. Also ilu Goldy(ie)(ey)(??!) idc which lame movie it is<3
    Also Ohio jokes <3

  • Abe & Bruno

    Abe & Bruno

    May there always be ketchup on your spaghetti...
    The director of "My Uncle The Alien" and various prison girl soft core pornos, gets ahold of a monkey suit at last! What follows is a strangely entertaining (in a what am I watching sort of way) weirdo romp.

    Bruno the ape lives "illegally" with his buddy Abe, a human who looks like burnt out Robin Williams. Roommate hijinks abound as we realize that the effin ape responsible cleans his room and…

  • Framing Britney Spears

    Framing Britney Spears

    Basically a Philip K. Dick novel
    (Goes without saying that I really hope these folks did not skip any BLM protests to go to any of these Brittany rallies) anywho...
    While we have evolved to the point where we know that the ultra rich dont always deserve our sympathies, this is a fine reminder that we "the masses" can still become a monstrously inhuman mob. A POPulace that wants "pop," creates "pop" and then eats pop alive. AND YEAH her…

  • Dragonslayer


    My dad often mentions certain movies that he and his best friend Terry went out and saw in the 70s and early 80s back when they were both still single. You can tell he has a sort of reverence for these movies to this day. They are glimpses into a simple little window of time in his life story. Just two guys gettin a slice of pizza after work and then going down the road to the theater and seeing…