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  • Begone Dull Care

    Begone Dull Care


    Is there a thing on this earth that could possibly be given the label "better than 40s visual jazz?"
    You dont have to answer that
    you know the answer: nothings better than "40s visual jazz"

    An exploding lil gesture. a moment just before instrumental music would be replaced by modern pop which marked an ongoing shift from a public visualizing sound, to a public becoming ever more obsessed with visualizing the "celebrity" behind the sounds.

    (part of a drunken late night with friends n the living room that began with Dumbo and ended with Norman)

  • Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

    Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory


    For Gene...

    Away we go and furthermore rowing not slowing. View paradise! Why don't you? Why don't you??
    You don't have to answer that....
    Come now! Right! This way! Right this way. Right this way sir, down this tube and to the right but first let's take your hat, you wont be needing that, no sir, you wont be needing that where we are going, and boy theres no knowing where were going! Don't be slowing! Right, sir yes sir!…

  • Bambi



    My cat Kurt loves this movie.
    Feels less like a cartoon and more like your tv is full of gorgeous multi colored porcelain machinery that dances for your own enjoyment. God tier nature calendar times ten. A movie in the key of my grandmas house…
    One of the prettiest things you can put on a tv screen in mine and Kurts opinion.

  • Vertigo



    Green has always been my favorite color
    But its not that easy being green

    The color Invades this melodramatic artsy magnum opus eternal weirdo of a film like the crypt keepers fog. Something out of Scooby Doo
    Should we continue to play into this green monsters hand, this swirling vortex that is truly more than a film, its an analysis machine. Connections and theories and myths and motifs reach at you from the depths of the black hole of…

  • Godzilla



    I love him when he's green but deep down I know the true King is black and white. A dark siloughette against fire. Jeweled droplets of sea water glistening on his scales. Glowing insane person eyes. Fire does not spew from his great maw, rather, an atomic fog of gloom and doom.

    The atomic beasts that came before and after this one can rarely even compare. This is not teenager running from a monster. This is not simply a creature…

  • The Long Goodbye

    The Long Goodbye



    Love all those "ahhhh thats where Paul got that visual thing for Punch Drunk Love" moments. Those reds, those blues, that suit...even beyond that just this feeling that we are in a strange "non place" a place that is sleepy, cartoonish and yet somehow dangerously real.

    It is the most chill thriller. At the very least one of the top five best opening sequences ever. I could watch that scene forever, crawl in and walk…

  • Persona



    To say that it touches on queer themes is a bit of a simplification. Ingmar of course never would have used this word. It seems queer in the most natural (almost old fashioned) sense. Eccentric, ambiguous, an ongoing conversation. It should not be confused though, this is not just some drama about lesbians on an island (i mean they might be the same person or something?). Its an enigma of deep connections, depression, vampirisms, identity crisis, and doppelgangers...and yeah war…

  • Wild Strawberries

    Wild Strawberries


    When I was a punk ass youth group skipping teen I raided the Criterion shelf at the downtown library and hit all the Bergmans I could find. In my foolishness I proclaimed this one to be the most overrated of his work as if I was some kind of cool guy but I was absolutely a punkish dummy who just wanted literally everything to be the edgy experimental montage from Persona. I was all "that creepy dream sequence at the…

  • The Devils

    The Devils


    The visions I see in this rectangle of color, surrounded by the blackness of endless dungeons! This is all my captors have permitted me in my final hours. When the film fades they will open the door and start breaking my bones again. Ill never tell the secret.
    How was that? Was that a good/mysterious letterboxd review worthy of The (fuckin) Devils?
    No? I didnt think so. What a movie though eh? I imagine gangs of greasy…

  • The Cremator

    The Cremator


    Similar to Kubrick's The Shining in the way that the second our protagonist enters the frame we know something is terribly wrong and that this "wrongness" whatever it is infecting everything it comes in contact with. This is a central character that crushes and reassembles the movie that surrounds him, commanding our helpless eyeballs to dart this way and that way in a flurry of insane fucking jump cuts, EYE BALL! LEOPARD! comb hair. FOOD TO MOUTH! LICKING OF LIPS!…

  • Brazil



    6 stars. I wrote a song about the first time I saw this one
    God bless my friend Andys sister for tossing this our way when we were 16 or whatever. She was so that cooler older sister who read Sandman and dated guys from other countries and shit. Ya rule Jenny!

    This could be the third in a trilogy of reviews of movies watched under the influence of weed gummies given to me by my oldest friend Blake.…

  • My Own Private Idaho

    My Own Private Idaho


    "Who talks like this?" The answer for Shakespeare and Gus is of course "no one, but fuck it! It sounds great and its fun to say!" Why speak when you can say A LINE! "This chicks living in a new car ad." "As if time itself were a fair hustler in black leather!" "Here comes Santa Claus! Woooooo!" Performances that emphasize PERFORMANCE! Acting that emphasizes ACTING! Whether the words and actions come from the Shakespeare side of the script, the…