slothtroyer has written 15 reviews for films rated ★★★ during 2021.

  • The Loch

    The Loch

    If anything, a Loch Ness obsessive like myself cant help but respond to this shows central image: a man chained to the bottom of the Loch. The Loch has always been a place in my mind of pure wonder, magic, and at the same time absolute horror and danger. This mans body sways in the seaweed and murky blackness (not that anyone could ever see anything down there, even if a body, or a fish OR a monster of a…

  • Scooby-Doo! and the Loch Ness Monster

    Scooby-Doo! and the Loch Ness Monster

    ALTERNATE TITLE: Die a cryptozoologist...or live long enough to see yourself become the lake monster you have been searching for. The choice is yours...

    "Bomb digity" - Freddy while driving down the crumbling walls of what I guess is supposed to be Urquhart Castle

    The Loch Ness Monster has been an eternal obsession/totem/centerpiece/joke/dream/nightmare/transcendental object at the end of time and space...for me personally and yeah so has Scooby and the gang in their lil way. Ive been eying this…

  • Candyman


    Candyman <3 In small towns and surely beneath the trees of the forest we encounter the unknown, but here? Here in the city the dangers are all knowable, well lit, there are no blank spots on this part of the map. "False..." says Candyman. I adore the moment when fantasy and horror creep into everyday urban settings.

    A great looking odd lil flick that eventually doubles as a bit of cathartic wish fulfillment. I will say that the line that…

  • Sapphire


    Basil Deardens Sapphire and its predecessor Victim shine forth with a particular gotty charm that is both inspired and at times unfortunate depending the scene. Each approaches hot button issues of the day, Victim dealing with "the gay problem" and Sapphire dealing with "the race problem." Missteps and victories follow.

    Similar to Victim, Sapphire turns social concern into suspenseful melodrama to the point of silliness (bombastic music swells when a white person turns around to find a black or mixed…

  • Certified Copy

    Certified Copy

    While I adore Close-Up, I think im still waiting to let this ghostly romance into my heart...or maybe its just simply something that doesnt "do it for me." I was settling into and enjoying the Before Sunset vibe of the beginning. I love the performances throughout but find both characters to be pretty grating (Juliette is made to be almost cartoonishly annoying and James was hot and charming but ultimately a fancy pants guy on a book tour trying to…

  • Bigfoot: Man or Beast?

    Bigfoot: Man or Beast?

    One of my favorite things about lower end 70s films is how sun scorched everything looks and this may be THE most sun scorched of them all. Everything is golden and hazy like the sun is exploding or like everything we are seeing is taking place underneath an ocean of piss (lofi version of the The Element of Crime?)

    This is a pretty classic example of a Bigfoot wild goose chase, and really made to feel like a sort of…

  • The Beastmaster

    The Beastmaster

    Yet another one my dad always spoke of as being part of his "before I got married" movie nights with cousin Terry (Dragonslayer, Tron, Conan etc.)
    I remember seeing the last half hour of this on TNT and having now seen the whole thing as an adult, little has changed! THE FLYING FACELESS GUYS are really what this is all about. Their weird faces and deadly WING HUGS mesmerized me as a lil kid.
    Give me a…

  • Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla

    Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla

    A kind of beautiful (if overly long) monster crystal ballet awaits you if you make through some of the silliest dullest zilla rising action in the big man’s franchise. The ballet is full of crystals and slow motion and ends with a psychic event involving a guy getting his foot stuck in the door. Love the purple sunset scene at the end.
    This is for sure one of the weakest of the series but ya know what if you had…

  • Godzilla vs. Kong

    Godzilla vs. Kong

    Really though all my stars go to Godzilla as usual <3 Full sloth review here:

  • Lucky


    At first this may appear to be some kind of shallow Groundhog Day or Twilight Zone riff, but there is a very clear message behind Lucky’s slasher madness...

  • Danny Says

    Danny Says

    On one hand this is some nice rock n roll porn that people like me have a a hard time resisting, on the other its basically just 90 more minutes of people saying "it was a magical time, man, ya just had to be there" to us post celebrity moderns. Its hard not to drool a lil bit over this "simpler time." It reiterates the annoying truth that YES they absolutely had more fun in the 60s and 70s and…

  • Lost in America

    Lost in America

    Grab a pizza on the way home from work AND NO I do not mean a pie from one of those authentic local places near you NO! Pizza Hut! Get yourself some Pizza Hut or at least a big bag of Arbys, and have a basic lil weeknight in with maybe 2.5 Budweiser's and this silly lil movie. Naturally this thing is an easy target in this year of our lord: A well off white couple who has the ability…