slothtroyer has written 14 reviews for films rated ★★★ during 2020.

  • Red Dragon

    Red Dragon

    As a dragon obsessed child I remember seeing this poster and imagining how the writers would realistically fit a large cgi red dragon into a plot that seemed to involve serial killers BUT surprise! NO ACTUAL DRAGON IN THIS ONE! RIP OFF! Adults are so boring! I still dream of such a film where dragons and serial killers share the same world.

    I knew Hannibal would have been creepy pony tail guy in his early years. Indeed despite this being…

  • Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2

    Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2

    A nu metal, meta (nu meta) nightmare! Heck yeah. A tale of two visions, the money grabbing producers and a director who wanted to make something radically different, a guy who even went so far as splicing in tiny easter eggs that could be pieced together and entered into the Blair Witch website for more clues and answers: (Honestly finish this review or dont but I highly recommend watching this analysis
    Really whats surprisingly great here is the colorful…

  • The Legend of Gator Face

    The Legend of Gator Face

    This one is clearly in league with Swamp Thing and the elemental forces of The Green so I unavoidably pledge my allegiance.

    This holds up as a true blue great kids movies of the 90s, a bit of a lost treasure. I watched this a lot when I was a lil sloth so I was ready for it to be just some kind type of Moonbeam Entertainment type silliness to have on in the background but I was admittedly sucked…

  • Gamera: Super Monster

    Gamera: Super Monster

    Basically a video DJ set at a kids birthday party. This cinematic birthday/deathday celebration is chaperoned by "super women" who ride in hippie wagons that can transform if the right melody is played on the organ that sits on the dash. Once you get to the totally dreamy climax of Gamera spliced into anime space footage involving flying trains and space ships that are not even given a chance to be explained in even a half assed way, you just…

  • Demystifying the Devil: Biography Marilyn Manson

    Demystifying the Devil: Biography Marilyn Manson

    Whether youre a big fan or just curious like me, its a weird experience. A delightfully amateur and VERY unauthorized lil hazy journey that is made all the better by not having Manson in it. The doc basically consisting of weird home video footage and interviews of "minor characters" in the "manson mythos" all talking shit behind his back. It feels like any music scene in any town having a reunion, where all the kids get together and throw shade…

  • The Loch Ness Horror

    The Loch Ness Horror

    First of all I figured out you can swim in Loch Ness via google,-4.4403362,3a,75y,270h,90t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sAF1QipNPVCPgYgoN5VRoHc0BrLR89sDxi0hRvMybhvBI!2e10!3e11!7i9500!8i4750
    If you keep clicking/swimming, you eventually go under the water until things go pitch black and you cant go any further...let me know if you find still looking.
    This movie was fuckin silly. The opening line is: "Year of the Scott my ass!"
    Despite being a life long Nessie obsessive, I still get embarrassingly intense flashes of fear sometimes when I think about her.…

  • Digimon: The Movie

    Digimon: The Movie

    This is probably more like a 5 if you are a kid but in the harsh light of adulthood this is a hacked together, Americanized weirdo. Basically, Fox spliced together 3 Japanese Digimon shorts and connected them with a voice over that chirps the worst kind of "smart kid" sarcasm (nails on a chalk board). AND THE SOUNDTRACK IS HILARIOUS! Your jaw will drop in disbelief to the sound of the Bare Naked Ladies, Fat Boy Slim…

  • Dragonworld


    "TO HELL WITH IT THEN!" Grandpa shouts, chucking a whiskey bottle out the window of his speeding car, thus quitting the sauce for good five minutes after picking up his newly orphaned grandson from the train station all of 3 minutes into this movie.

    This is basically a documentary about the dreams I had as a 7 year old. Looking back I remember being super bummed when the boy turned into a long haired older man...hmmm wonder what that says about…

  • Chasing Amy

    Chasing Amy

    This must be one of those 3 star reviews that turns into a stinky think piece worm hole...but I write more than is needed about Gamera movies so what the hell...FIRST AND FOREMOST Joey Lauren Adams wonderful performance is responsible for…

  • Dawn of the Mummy

    Dawn of the Mummy

    If you need a silly, low stakes Saturday night horror movie stat, a brief vacation from the horror of the daily news, Dawn is a sure fire winner. True spooky, cartoony foolishness with lots of fake ass gore. It is entertaining all the way through for one reason or another, and surprisingly sports some of the creepiest looking mummy designs ive ever seen (the main zombie with that bubbling tar like shit all over him=A+shambling beast). The performances are over the top…

  • Cyberpunk


    THE MATRIX (still) HAS YOU
    An endearing and kind of hilarious viewing experience for anyone on this side of THE NEW MILLENNIUM. For something that is so about the future it is a perfect time capsule for its 1990 moment, a time where hackers were (in some circles) viewed as the new rock stars throwing floppy discs throwing stars and everything seemed like it would soon be possible. The whole time you will be wondering what have we gained and…

  • Images


    Feels like a strange little oddity you would find in a drawer of an old house. There may be more here upon repeat viewings but I am uncertain. At the end of the day this thing is as messy and fragmented as its protagonist but for me it gets its stars for not only showing the promise of Altman to come but for a single scene...

    She looks down from a large hill. She sees a mansion and someone standing…