• Bleu Shut

    Bleu Shut


    A surreal boat related game show intercut with porn, shots of food and bicycles? Sign me up. Roberts Nelson’s brand of playful stoner minimalism was exactly what I needed to learn from when I found this on youtube in college. Made under the influence of Bleu: youtu.be/a7pF5FlgzsM
    Every time I watch it, Bleu is a reaffirmation, a lovely reminder to not take art, or life for that matter so seriously. I know most folks wouldnt give this thing 4.5 but…

  • 8½

    One of the most badass yet puzzling endings ever.
    I worry about Guido the morning after his mountain top experience moment where he gives it all a hug.
    I feel like ive been having a lot of days like Guidos...well not quite of course but anxiety ending in a climax of discomfort and somehow by the time I see the glistening sunset im giving the world, past, present and future a giant hug...and then comes the next morning where I…

  • In Search of Hart Crane

    In Search of Hart Crane

    My first film that has no letterboxd poster! Myyyysterious
    While this can hardly be called a masterpiece, the doc feels intimae and niche in a way few documentaries are. As if this filmmaker is making this truly for the sake of finding his own answers about Harts art and his apparent suicide.

    A slow journey through black and white interviews. Its fascinating to see these old nerdy poets talking about the one guy from their scene who truly seemed to…

  • The Awful Backlash

    The Awful Backlash

    Stumbling upon this and a few other Robert Nelson films during a late night youtube search years ago, was a true relief, a much needed affirmation. I was chaffing under the collegial idea of trying to make a career out of every artistic endeavor I attempted. What I saw in Nelson was film as a hobby, film as a personal journey, an outlet in the truest sense of the word with its reward being very much in the doing. I…

  • The Universal Mind of Bill Evans

    The Universal Mind of Bill Evans

    Stuff to have on in the background level 5000
    "Listen all you Rock Kids! Im hip! I can dig it! That group at the hop is swell beans, but let me hip ya to something. Now I know you might think its cool at first but its this thing called jazz improvisation...now hang on fellas! Just give it a chance!"

  • Lancelot of the Lake

    Lancelot of the Lake

    Bresson was piloted by space aliens during the directing of this movie. These creatures could not quite get his body and mouth to work right and certainly did not understand what the "usual focus" of a film should be. The awkward chorus of clanking armor! The endless close ups of feet and eyes that obscure the action and plot! These become the main characters.

    Seriously though what's going on here? Its cool and weird but what? All I can find…

  • The Air-Conditioned Eden

    The Air-Conditioned Eden

    A British perspective on Americas perspective toward "exotic" island culture in the 1950s AKA THE RISE AND FALL OF THE TIKI EXOTICA BACKYARD MOOD MUSIC EXTRAVAGANZA!! (masksbehindmasksbehindmasks)(whereisthereal?)

    Ive always been fascinated by this strange cultural phenomena especially when it comes to the music of Les Baxter and Martin Denny. Its laughable as a rather offensive cultural misstep, yes, but there is more...the alternative realities that these parties, albums and novels create is an endlessly fascinating one for me. Nostalgia for…

  • The Honeymoon Killers

    The Honeymoon Killers

    This rains on the remains of the summer of love and deserves to be mentioned alongside the works of Waters, Romero and other such revolutionary bummers. The obsessive Martha is like a Divine character brought into the cold light of reality. In many ways this could be one of the first chapters of the modern True Crime approach, giving off that iconic feel of both romanticizing and damning these loveable devils.

    I live for transcendent moments where the camera is…

  • Manhunter



    "NO we will not just have a lamp just BE in the shot! It needs to be exploding with light! Oh and if we can just get a sapphire colored bulb in there that would be great...Orange? That works too!" - Imaginary Michael Mann direction.

    The blue lit rooms of the hero and the orange/red rooms of the killer in this film will make your own TV room hotter and sweatier. No one gets out of this one without sweaty…

  • Highlander


    A dream dreamed by an 80s yuppie with who lusts over sword catalogues. His wife is a wikin and lights purple candles daily but hes cheating on her with the beach blonde secretary, the one who always has the good coke. He has three digital watches. He reads James Patterson and Stephen King (as long as it isnt one that gets too weird or "preachy"). After watching Highlander he finally works up the nerve and gets a katana to go…

  • Moulin Rouge!

    Moulin Rouge!

    She blinded me with an early 2000s explosion in my face and omg a secret race of sentient, hyperactive, winged cameras were set loose and returned with footage that we decided to call Moulin Rouge and wow these stars egos got stroked and damn I cant believe I was running around in high school thinkin I could get with girls who could quote this entire movie and therefore had seen the green green grass of singing Ewan and understandably needed me not and here i am just now watching it with absente in my hand yeah wow this new millennium is going to be something!(?)(<3)

  • Professor Marston and the Wonder Women

    Professor Marston and the Wonder Women

    See my friends and I chat on Cinematary about this beauty www.youtube.com/watch?v=QqT1kKjqn8E (also on spotify)

    Pretty amazing this movie even happened honestly. A piece of media that is honest, generous and positive about the idea that poly couplings not only exist but are (god forbid) viable relationships (and not just some threesome fling). This is SEXY AS ALL HELL but more importantly this thing dares to always keep its core conceit very clear: that this is not just some sexy…