• The Devil, Probably

    The Devil, Probably

    The fact that Bresson in his old age had his finger on the pulse of anti hippie punk youth nihilism and environmental despair does indeed make this a fascinating lil piece of history to dip into. I can only imagine what Richard Hell, Dennis Cooper and other artist champions of this film coming up in this time period must have felt while watching this in 77. Now though its hard to see it as little more than a rather frustrating…

  • Sapphire


    Basil Deardens Sapphire and its predecessor Victim shine forth with a particular gotty charm that is both inspired and at times unfortunate depending the scene. Each approaches hot button issues of the day, Victim dealing with "the gay problem" and Sapphire dealing with "the race problem." Missteps and victories follow.

    Similar to Victim, Sapphire turns social concern into suspenseful melodrama to the point of silliness (bombastic music swells when a white person turns around to find a black or mixed…

  • The Suicide Squad

    The Suicide Squad

    Harley (the spiritual embodiment of all the edgy girls who liked Slipknot on my school bus growing up that I had crushes on) is indeed wonderful and admittedly, seeing her walking in slow motion to "Hey" by the Pixies is a great nostalgic v aesthetic full circle moment for me.

    Would have been a solid take on Doom Patrol but ill take it. Their hearts were in the right place.

    The tragedy and beauty of the suicide squad puppet master…

  • Hollywood Dinosaur Chronicles

    Hollywood Dinosaur Chronicles

    Any Dinosaur doc that features Dinosaur Don Glut blesses the viewer with visions of him in his outrageous Dinosaur pad with his outrageous glasses complaining about the accuracy of dinosaurs in movies as his prized possession, a mechanical pterodactyl from the 1933 Worlds Fair clunks and clanks its mouth open and shut, and I love it. Cant believe that dude is still out there kickin and lovin dinos.

    Yet another North Canton library dino VHS I wore out as a…

  • Victim


    Gay Rorschach's Journal: 1961

    "I have seen this cities true face...someone is picking off costumed gays. Boy Barrett died tonight and no one cares but me."

    The fact that this is on the surface a very non flashy, uncinematic film (dare I say STRAIGHT laced) only seems to enhance the intrigue surrounding the secret London Gay world we only get glimpses of in these characters dreamy ruminations, winks, and nods. It almost feels like these characters are hiding in a…

  • The Green Knight

    The Green Knight


    A post grail/apocalypse Camelot ruled by weary unremarkable Arthur wielding his unremarkable Excalibur. The ancient paintings weve see of these lords bore halos above their heads, but here in the cold light of "realty" we see these halos are made of cheap metal. Despite this, a Natural magic lies beyond what is seen. Witches work in shadows. Pentagrams lie behind Christian likenesses, perhaps the very force that animates them. An Arthur universe. Always a thing in flux. Here, this particular…

  • Summer of Soul (...or, When the Revolution Could Not Be Televised)

    Summer of Soul (...or, When the Revolution Could Not Be Televised)


    The raw gold footage itself is obviously 10/5 stars
    The anti Altamont
    I know everyone says they cry during movies but dont actually mean it but I mean it. I sobbed during the Mavis and Nina Simone portions oh jesus.
    Honestly wish I just could see all of these performances. Release them all!
    The packaging of it all is fine. The performacnes and watching people watch the footage in real time is the best part obv. If the brass tax…

  • Gorgo


    LASAGNA (GORGO) An epic poem by: slothtroyer

    Eat up, son! Don't let it get cold now!
    I prefer Gorgo over food tonight, ma. Not Godzilla but Gorgo (oh hell)
    A beast reigning brick and mortar and fire down upon those brits (are Brit screams accented?)

    Give the Japanese a break! Down with the Anglo! They have barely recovered from their brush with REPTILICUS

    I saw the box in blockbuster, mother! And thought this Gorgo was a giant rodent upon first…

  • Bleu Shut

    Bleu Shut


    A surreal boat related game show intercut with porn, shots of food and bicycles? Sign me up. Roberts Nelson’s brand of playful stoner minimalism was exactly what I needed to learn from when I found this on youtube in college. Made under the influence of Bleu: youtu.be/a7pF5FlgzsM
    Every time I watch it, Bleu is a reaffirmation, a lovely reminder to not take art, or life for that matter so seriously. I know most folks wouldnt give this thing 4.5 but…

  • 8½

    One of the most badass yet puzzling endings ever.
    I worry about Guido the morning after his mountain top experience moment where he gives it all a hug.
    I feel like ive been having a lot of days like Guidos...well not quite of course but anxiety ending in a climax of discomfort and somehow by the time I see the glistening sunset im giving the world, past, present and future a giant hug...and then comes the next morning where I…

  • In Search of Hart Crane

    In Search of Hart Crane

    My first film that has no letterboxd poster! Myyyysterious
    While this can hardly be called a masterpiece, the doc feels intimae and niche in a way few documentaries are. As if this filmmaker is making this truly for the sake of finding his own answers about Harts art and his apparent suicide.

    A slow journey through black and white interviews. Its fascinating to see these old nerdy poets talking about the one guy from their scene who truly seemed to…

  • The Awful Backlash

    The Awful Backlash

    Stumbling upon this and a few other Robert Nelson films during a late night youtube search years ago, was a true relief, a much needed affirmation. I was chaffing under the collegial idea of trying to make a career out of every artistic endeavor I attempted. What I saw in Nelson was film as a hobby, film as a personal journey, an outlet in the truest sense of the word with its reward being very much in the doing. I…