The Green Knight

The Green Knight ★★★★½

A post grail/apocalypse Camelot ruled by weary unremarkable Arthur wielding his unremarkable Excalibur. The ancient paintings weve see of these lords bore halos above their heads, but here in the cold light of "realty" we see these halos are made of cheap metal. Despite this, a Natural magic lies beyond what is seen. Witches work in shadows. Pentagrams lie behind Christian likenesses, perhaps the very force that animates them. An Arthur universe. Always a thing in flux. Here, this particular Gawain is Arthurs nephew/the son of Morgan le Fay/kind of Mordred: would be doom bringer to what once was. He tumbles down the rabbit hole (seriously can this guy make me an Alice movie?) on a slow burning quest to...well, nothing short of setting things right with nature itself.

This is surreal fantasy moving at the speed of doom metal (p hard for me to not love it). This pulls off the trick of both being quite true to the original epic poem, while experimenting with very intentional homages to The (FUCKING) Last Temptation Of Christ, as well as drawing its themes to our current environmental concerns (man harms nature, man must choose to continue to wound it or submit to it instead) and it miraculously does all this without being insufferable. The layers here are constantly flowing in and out of one another and surely allude to this things rewatchability. My oldest nerdiest friend and I had one hell of a good time with this.

Its sure to alienate audiences hoping for a Game Of Thrones type deal, granted, they would be right to suspect such things. The way this thing has been advertised made me want to avoid it until I remembered Lowery was in charge (hail a Ghost Story). Ive also seen a few reviews that take this as a chance to exercise the latest cool guy thing of looking at A24 movies and having to be cool guys about them and be all "its not THAT good bro, hype!" granted I am that guy with some A24s but this isnt an "A24 film" fuck off. Lowery is the real deal. An uncompromising storyteller looking to tell his story anyway he can, with whatever resources he can.

EPILOGUE: False halos. Likenesses both true and embellished. False histories that time bends into truth. Submit to the Natural flow, or say yes to the time of metal, fire, and man. The real truth? Probably out there in the Green.

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