Lancelot of the Lake

Lancelot of the Lake ★★★½

Bresson was piloted by space aliens during the directing of this movie. These creatures could not quite get his body and mouth to work right and certainly did not understand what the "usual focus" of a film should be. The awkward chorus of clanking armor! The endless close ups of feet and eyes that obscure the action and plot! These become the main characters.

Seriously though what's going on here? Its cool and weird but what? All I can find anyone saying about this one is a lot of stuff about the plot and how its simply the "lofi, bare bones" version of the Arthur myth. The feet though! The jousting scene where the action is barely shown in favor of showcasing the lower half of horses trotting around? I can hear some fancy film historian rattling off some script about it having some kind of philosophical meaning but the words keep getting lost.

Equally alien is the way the plot unfurls. Scenes begin and end abruptly. Sequences from the myth that other filmmakers would be excited to showcase are skipped seemingly at random. Like skipping pages of a book, we realize often that something has happened that we were not privy to but that thing has now changed everything...

Dennis Cooper brought me here. Michael Haneke says this is one of his favorite films and that makes me even more afraid of him and this film...

I cant speak French so I couldnt read the article but lol to this title I thought the same thing the whole time

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