Gorgo ★★

LASAGNA (GORGO) An epic poem by: slothtroyer

Eat up, son! Don't let it get cold now!
I prefer Gorgo over food tonight, ma. Not Godzilla but Gorgo (oh hell)
A beast reigning brick and mortar and fire down upon those brits (are Brit screams accented?)

Give the Japanese a break! Down with the Anglo! They have barely recovered from their brush with REPTILICUS

I saw the box in blockbuster, mother! And thought this Gorgo was a giant rodent upon first glance. I know not the reason. (I made that meal especially for you son! Eat! Eat!)

Reasons: unknown...Does Gorgo the rodent have a reason?
Shoulda made a team up film mother! Gorgo meets Reptilucs! Shoulda coulda woulda!

PLEASE don't let it get cold, wolf it down now, howl at the moon later my boy. You will need your strength!

I don't know where you get that metabolism, somewhere inside your body of course, a terrible joke! Jokes come from inside our bodies as well. Just like blood and gaul bladders and well...we don't need to get into all the others. We're eating here. We are eating aren't we?

Gorgo, mother! (Yes son) Straight out of the Crystal Palace! One of those Crystal Palace Park beasts the ones with the thumbs on their noses and those horrifying, sinister and woefully inaccurate wagging tails!

Call Gary Owen, if that helps you son! This moment! Our mustachioed hero! Eat up! Wont you?
Such a skinny boy, I can't imagine being so skinny, a smiling skeleton. I was once? Maybe?

Oh look on the news screen before you put that VHS in!
The Gorgo...a story of a mother and her child, oh I do like that. Beowulf?
They are putting the cutest little cameras on all the street corners aren't they! Dear aren't they the cutest little cameras youve ever seen? Tiny. Teeny. Weenie eyes everywhere. I adore the small and meek. A mothers great weakness I suppose? No!

Let the rat beast run! Put the video in! No more News!
It's all theater isnt it? All the worlds a stage when youve got cute teeny weenie widdle gizmos like that sticking out of your flower bed now-hey fuck off now Fido, this dish is not for you! This is for us, a supper, a supper of the mightiest order, it shall nourish, and never grow cold.

FINE! No more news then. The Gorgo...a story of a mother and her child, oh I do like that...Like Grendel and his mother, and like you and like I...I always loved the Beowulf my child. Your mother is a mystery and don't you forget it. A beast from the depths.
No more.
Put it in the VCR already. Soon Blockbuster will be calling with bills to collect! Hurry my little Grendel. I love you
I love you.
Don't let it get cold.

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