Bleu Shut

Bleu Shut ★★★★½

A surreal boat related game show intercut with porn, shots of food and bicycles? Sign me up. Roberts Nelson’s brand of playful stoner minimalism was exactly what I needed to learn from when I found this on youtube in college. Made under the influence of Bleu:
Every time I watch it, Bleu is a reaffirmation, a lovely reminder to not take art, or life for that matter so seriously. I know most folks wouldnt give this thing 4.5 but still this lil joy is underrated (only 6.5k views) as ALL HELL!

This and the George Kuchar films reminded me to smell the flowers during my college days of getting all depressed about trying to become "successful" at "video." Its all a game (an important game...the only game... but none the less a game) and we dont have long (watch that clock ticking on the edge of your screen) AND SURE that doesnt mean ya need to waste it but it also doesnt mean ya cant just roll around in a field or sit around and try and guess the names of boats with your good pals (the "plot" of this movie).

A fine thing to have on

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