One of the most badass yet puzzling endings ever.
I worry about Guido the morning after his mountain top experience moment where he gives it all a hug.
I feel like ive been having a lot of days like Guidos...well not quite of course but anxiety ending in a climax of discomfort and somehow by the time I see the glistening sunset im giving the world, past, present and future a giant hug...and then comes the next morning where I do it all again.

Working towards a day where this feeling echoes ever onward to the days that follow but we shall see. Maybe Guido has reached a true point of change. Maybe post credits Guido has become truly free...I wish that for him and everyone <3

EPILOGUE: I usually audibly groan at the whole French/Italian obsession with MAN WOMAN ROMANCE often mulling it over like its at like Niche level complexity for a man to find out just how he might cheat on his wife and be good to his wife all at once or whatever ALSO the whole im an artist and this about me being an artist is such dangerous territory for me but...This one when it does for the most part pull it off for me...it does it right, proving that there is always an exception!
Still not much of a Fellini guy and I might still prefer La Strada (not to be a cool guy about it) but this one, for all its personal self indulgences, is at the very least a black and white (no grey) beauty for the eyes...part of me wishes everyone in the movie would quit talking about themselves and let me just look around but ehhh maybe that makes is what makes it more true to life...

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