Cruising ★★★★★

another masterpiece from Friedkin, seems to be *the* American response to giallo (compared to Dressed to Kill, at least, however I’m yet to see Body Double). The griminess of the city at the time is the perfect setting visually and thematically for this, and for all of the controversy most of the treatment of the gay characters from the film itself is empathetic even if the characters aren’t (felt so bad for the waiter). Pacino is brilliant in this, the ambiguity with his character is absolutely amazing and a major change of pace for films like this. Perfectly cast almost across the board, loved seeing Joe Spinell as the sleazeball cop! Arrow’s restoration of this is absolutely stunning, and bonus points for having my mom’s friend in the room when the fisting scene happened, 5/5 freakin friedkin does it again liked these reviews