Singin' in the Rain

Singin' in the Rain ★★★★½

Perhaps the most debated and most controversial genres in terms of accessibility, musicals often are demographically degrading. Yet, the Stanley Donen and Gene Kelly collaboration, Singin' In the Rain,  is undeniably the greatest and most influential musical, is effortlessly accessible and effective to any age group. Musicals may be debated and often challenged as a genre having produced insufficient classics but the Donen & Kelly collaboration is one of the genre's few, if not, only truly brilliant musical. Not just the genre's most defining film but one of cinema's greatest and most enchantingly memorable and fun.

Singin' In the Rain tells the story of a movie production company, in the late 20s, forced to make the rough and challenging transition from "silent" films to "talkies".

What makes Singin' In the Rain more than a musical is its historical exploration of a significant time for the development of cinema: the development of sound pictures. Where certain movies, most notably Billy Wilder's legendary Sunset Blvd have showcased in a more horrific, brutal and unapologetic nature, the demise that various silent stars felt by the turn of sound pictures, Singin' In the Rain explores this aspect comedically. Every moment of comedy, such as capturing sound off from Lina Lamont's dress, expresses in a light hearted and immensely charming way, the difficulty and the threat of the arrival of sound pictures. Singin' In the Rain easily becomes more than just a musical, it is a history of cinema, told with upmost effectiveness and charm.

The musical sequences themselves, are astounding, even for those who are not musical fans. Containing breathtakingly complex, fun and memorable musical sequences, from the famous "Singin' In the Rain" scene to even "Good Mornin!", the Donen and Kelly masterpiece defines what a musical number should be. Each musical sequence in Singin' In the Rain is perfected.

It isn't any suprise to learn that Singin' In the Rain is one of the most esteemed masterpieces of all time. Effective in its depiction of the arrival of sound pictures and equally charming and memorable throughout, there has never been a musical anywhere near the quality of this masterpiece, and there may never be.

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