Videodrome ★★★★½

Videodrome stares into the technological void, only for the void to stare right back! Blurring the lines between hallucination and reality, the film is an ominous warning against an age of over-stimulation, to be ushered in by the dawn of the video tape. A perverse world of brutality, manifested onto the screen through human imagination and vice versa. Both a chilling and unfortunately accurate vision of the future. The film is extremely ambitious - far too ambitious for its time - I don't think every idea comes through cleanly, but it's such a wonderful world brought to life by David Cronenberg. James Woods is immense as the sleazy TV producer at the centre of the story, and the film really benefits from some of the most striking visual effects of the era. It's a film that grabs you and draws you in, leaving plenty to think about long after the bleak conclusion!

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