Troll ★★★

The film that inspired one of the best selling book/film series of all time (....kinda) Troll is an unapologetically silly mix of horror, fantasy and childish whimsy. No doubt the film takes some influence from Gremlins released a couple of years earlier. The film wastes absolutely no time in getting it's plots into gear: we are introduced to the titular monster straight away, as he possesses a young girl and proceeds to take over an apartment building. The film features a plethora of silly ideas, most of which mould quite well into the overall narrative. I really liked all the creature effects, and the musical sequence was a a nice weird surprise. There's some problems with the plotting - it really lacks any kind of drive, so parts of it can feel a bit boring. The great Michael Moriarty heads the cast but wasn't featured enough for my liking. It's a mixed bag for sure, but generally it's fun enough. I'm pretty sure the film is only really remembered for its sequel, dubbed "the worst film of all time" (I'll be finding out if that is true shortly).

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