Nightcap ★★★½

This is not the best collaboration between the great Isabelle Huppert and director Claude Chabrol; but Merci pour la chocolate is a well written and observed thriller that boils the tern "slow burn" all the way down to a gentle simmer! The plot focuses on a girl who works her way into an upper class family after learning that the man may be her father after a mix up at the hospital when she was born. It's not an obvious plot and it doesn't move in obvious ways. All the mystery is derived from this; the tension comes from the characters, their relationship to each other and place within the plot. It does start to unravel somewhat and certainly the first half of the film is better than the second but it's still an absorbing watch throughout. Isabelle Huppert is of course the standout and she delivers an understated and subtly creepy performance. The final reveal manages to leave several plot threads open but still provides a satisfying conclusion.

March Around the World 2020 Challenge #20/30 - France

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