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  • Spirited Away
  • The Squid and the Whale
  • Fast Five
  • You've Got Mail

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  • Scream


  • The Rise of the Synths


  • Mr. & Mrs. Smith


  • Ocean's Twelve


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  • Scream



    BANGER. Just extremely good fun - whilst I wish they’d brought Kirby Reed back, Mikey Madison‘s both-feet performance comes very close to making up for it.

    There’s a throwaway joke early in this which is my first Favourite Joke In a Film of 2022. There’s a sequence where they go so completely overboard on he’s-behind-the-door-you’ve-just-opened fake outs and it is GIDDY with delight at itself and I was giddy with it too and wanted to say “This is so fucking…

  • The Rise of the Synths

    The Rise of the Synths


    It’s so good that Carpenter Brut is grumpy as fuck for 90% of his anonymous shadowy screen time, saying all of these key influences everyone else loves actually suck and that all these things other artists are doing are stupid and then right at the end he says “Just have fun doing what you want and never forget that you’re going to die”. Perfect ending, no notes.

    It’s The Synthwave Documentary!

    The creators of this have recently taken it off…

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  • Aliens



    Perfect movie, no notes, five stars.

    Makes 137 minutes feel like a tight 90 and I have no higher praise than that.

  • Alien



    Pretty great how there are things in "Alien" that are, in 2021, effectively disturbing and terrifying (the double mouth opening, the Lovecraftian dread of the dead giant) and then also a scene that is VERY clearly a man in a rubber suit flailing around on top of some cardboard.

    Of the thirteen or so horror films I've ever seen in my life, this is probably the best.