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  • The Fierce One

    The Fierce One

    I’m afraid the merits of any film in which animals are killed or injured for art’s sake are going to be overshadowed by that fact, for me. I have the same problem with Renoir, but in that case it helps knowing he went on to feel deep remorse about it.

  • mother!



    I guess I liked this but about half the runtime I drifted into talking myself into willfully overlooking the many irredeemably dumb things about it - most notably, the use of horror tropes in the first half. Obvious, but richly human and complex in the details.

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  • The Princess of France

    The Princess of France


    Even less coherent the second time around, but I don’t mind; maybe Piñeiro’s style is suited to juggling thematically linked episodes a la an album. (More Songs About Shakespeare and Philandering?) But his reception as a soft humanist amazes me, since so many devices hinge on violent reversals:

    - Ana and Victor’s “love affair,” played out in a way both simple and sui generis, on the reverse end of an abrupt breakup.
    - Natalia’s series of recursive encounters with friends,…

  • Side Effects

    Side Effects


    VERTIGO? PSYCHO? Seriously guys? More like this generation's PRIMAL FEAR.