The Hateful Eight

The Hateful Eight ★★★★

This is about as watchable and entertaining as movies get.


Certain things irk me;

1.) How would some of these people know what each other look like without ever meeting? And then, other characters, who are famous in this world no one seems to know who they are (until they say who they are). Some of the character exposition is weak for QT. I mean I know pictures were around then, but how widespread were they? And how studied are these people with each other? 

2.) The General is not a consistent character. He hates the Major so much when they meet each other that when he sits to talk with him later it doesn’t work. Plus, wouldn’t the General be quiet and chill because of what he has just been through before the Major arrives?

3.) Tarantino did not need to make this a mystery for the audience, he should have put the flashback in the front, by putting it at the end it breaks the tension of being trapped in that place and almost destroys the entire reason we’re here. And I’m all for non linear storytelling, but I think Tarantino thought the mystery was more interesting than it actually was. And had he put the flashback at the front there would be a tension, we the audience, would feel because we would know what the other characters don’t know about how much danger they’re in.

4.) When Russell breaks Daisy’s guitar it’s obviously Jennifer Jason Lee breaking character and it’s so distracting. 

5.) I never fully understand why some of these people let anyone live after the shit hits the fan. Why did they need to only kill the people they knew were guilty when we’ve learned how ‘hateful’ these people are? You know?

This movie is good and I’m sure there are good explanations for what I didn’t understand, but it is Tarantino’s weakest film of his later work and not just because it’s cynical (which is the reason Tarantino says people didn’t run to the theatre to see this film like they had his other films). 

6.) Also, get rid of the chapters, set us in this setting and leave us there.

7.) Also, reading the letter at the end, that whole thing is such a local theatre’s writer’s move. It’s shockingly corny writing for Tarantino. 


The actors are incredible. Specifically Goggins and Lee.

The movie is funny and fun.

The music is outstanding.

And it’s so beautiful.

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