The Terminator

The Terminator ★★★

Moderate science-fiction thriller.

I know that this is a beloved movie, and I am probably the only bloke who loves movies who is in his forties who had never seen this, but I strongly suspect that most of the adulation for this is wrapped up in nostalgia.

The film actually starts really well and I was enjoying it quite a bit for the first hour. However, it stars to drag badly in the second half - where not a lot is happening - and it was at that point where the movie started to lose me.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a decent villain, and does a good, convincing job as the robotic and relentless Terminator.

The score was really bad, and was so dated it wasn’t true, but also lacked charm or catchiness so it just grated.

The effects, too, looked pretty awful, and while I realise that this was fairly low budget movie, it still looked really bad at times to me.

The plot is actually quite interesting, and although time-travel movies are very common now that was not the case back then and you have to take your hat off for the clever concept.

The final act, while not looking great, is all rather predictable, and although I found the film entertaining enough in the car chase, nightclub and police stations scenes, these were not enough to elevate it.

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