Tenet ★★★★½

Superb and inventive action thriller.

Firstly, it was great to be back in a cinema, particularly watching a film that simply has to be watched on the big screen.

This is a true spectacle, and the set pieces - particularly the scenes where the eventual storylines of what the film is about are at play - all make this a truly visual spectacle that truly works best in the cinema environment.

The sound is extraordinary and the booming score and sound effects are a big part of this - my seat was shaking at times.

Like a few other recent Christopher Nolan movies the sound mix is quite strange, and I often found the dialogue was too low in the mix compared with the score, which made it difficult to understand what people were saying, although perhaps this bewildering effect is deliberate in a film that is quite happy to be confusing.

The cast was all good, and John David Washington and Robert Pattinson both do well, although the best performances come from Elizabeth Debicki and Kenneth Branagh. He arguably goes a bit over the top at times, but he makes a memorable villain with loads of personality and menace.

At the end of the day, the plot and concept are fairly complicated - it makes the admittedly easy to understand Inception seem incredibly simplistic by comparison - and although the story becomes clearer as it goes by, I feel the best policy is not to think about too much but let them film happen to you and let the spectacle wash over you, because as it goes on things make more and more sense anyway. I suspect there are elements that will reveal themselves more on a second watch.

Not perfect - there is so much going on that it becomes a bit of a mess at times - but an entertainingly and absorbing movie that is perfectly timed for the reopening of cinemas.

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