Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ★★★★½

Theatrical cut: stuck with crazy Batman for two and a half hours. It is strange what removing just thirty minutes of a three hour film can result in- without the ultimate cut's dispersed narrative the theatrical cut feels like scenes following scenes of disjunctive data while the ultimate cut grows even denser in its deformed tapestry, without actually seeing Superman do anything June Finch's enquiries are directed at an abstract idea rather than the unchecked actions of Superman/Batman/Luthor which hamstrings the allegory as both simple and hypothetical (where specifics are readily, loudly available), and Snyder's open contempt for Batman transforms into a kind of redemption narrative in which we are supposed to see ourselves. Those last two are open for debate, the main thing is hacking something Lucas-ish in its expanded narrative into something Nolan-ish in its artless ordering of events. I actually like this theatrical anti-origin disaster as a completely different work to the ultimate cut, but can finally see why people hated it so much.

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