The Power ★★

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I just had a coffee yet this movie had its way to put me to sleep. That's the power! The Power doesn't offer anything different or fresh to the genre. I'd say it's just too similar, it's tiring. It's a blend between psychological and supernatural. It has a typical setting for a horror movie, hospital and darkness which successfully create the grim and chilling atmosphere. Set in 1974, it uses the electrical black-out led by the government which really happen at that time in attempt to elevate its mediocre premise and predictable twist. It relies on how well can you see in the dark technique and some cheap jumpscares to scare the audience. Rose Williams and Shakira Rahman played the role quite well. It has a great message about the abuse of power but it's not as genuine and powerful as it's intended. Like it's a last minute thing and they just put it there. Unfortunately, I didn't really enjoy this one.

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