Ready or Not

Ready or Not ★★★★

Is there a better date movie than this?

It’s kind of a shitty time to be anything less than an upper class white family with old money, so a movie that so bluntly dedicates itself to a sense of darkly comic gore-y thrill-a-minute ride with such a silly premise feels both relevant and sorely needed. Yeah the movie is blunt, but there’s a time and place for bluntness, and with films like this, I think it’s warranted. ‘Eat the rich’ is good enough for me, but the movie does find some nuance in its broadness, as it’s also about the struggle against tradition and familial indoctrination of archaic, mostly conservative beliefs. The way the movie ends, besides being a lovely little homage to ‘Heathers’ is also weirdly poignant, as it validates the threat that the antagonists face but says ‘yeah but fuck them anyway, they deserve it’ and frankly? Yeah. They do. It also gives us a new modern scream queen in the intensely likable and scrappy Samara Weaving, who manages to play a role that could be forgettable with a lot of charm and memorable delivery. There’s a lot of small, subtle things about the script and filmmaking that I picked up on upon revision. Really the only issues I take with the movie are the shakey cam, because when it isn’t shakey, the film is simple but very effective, but it’s shakey A LOT. It’s still very charming in the sense that you can tell this is a very polished but still amateur effort, and it has all the anarchic spirit you could want from a movie as ruthlessly silly as this. The fact that it makes its story and character beats feel totally natural and not forced at all is a minor miracle, and they deserve credit for it. One of my favorites from this year without a doubt, I love me some simple effective horror-comedies, and this one is easily in the upper echelons of that classification. 

Fucking In-laws.

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