Love Exposure

Love Exposure ★★½

At some point in the film, I thought I was going to give this film a 10/10, but as the rest of the film came along, the film’s flaws exposed themselves to me.

Something that annoyed me from the start off was the camera movement. I believe I’d have enjoyed Love Exposure a lot more if the camera work wouldn’t have been so fast, constantly moving and energic. The same goes for the editing; as my pal Terminator1984 said, "I hate bad editing." Something that in particular was bad was how the conversations were edited. I like to see the reactions from the ones who are being told something, but Love Exposure didn’t work that way. The goofy music in the 1st and 2nd act should have been replaced by some serious tones. Overall I couldn’t take the dramatic scenes in the first three chapters serious because of the score.

I just didn’t connect with Love Exposure. The ending became over the top, and the characters take weird decisions, that has been taken no development into. The climax was extremely dissapointing, considering what the four first chapter built upto. I honestly expected Sion Sono to go full controversity, but it was nothing better than a romantic comedy, made in Hollywood. It’s like he added what he wanted to (the first four chapters fyi), just to make it a crazy film. He doesn’t answer any questions. Why is it Yoko hates men? Why did he fall in love with her? Why is he suddenly joining those guys taking pictures of skirts? Why is there an erected penis that is being cutted off. Because it’s fun? I could mention a lot more, but that’d be spoilers. 

The film just wasnt for me. I don’t see any fun in how crazy it is without a rather good explaination to it all, and how over the top it becomes (something Fight Club also suffers from). You should see Love Exposure at some point in your life to experience it for yourself. I’m glad I already did, because I won’t be rewatching in a hundred years.

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