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  • It Comes at Night

    It Comes at Night


    While it apparently works as a suspense survival horror, It Comes at Night stumbles over its genre conventions and in light of COVID-19 falls short in grasping the body horror of diseases.

    Let's start of by calling the lack of story development. The setup is paint by numbers survival. You instantly know the rules and these don't get refined whatsoever. This is somewhat troubling in 2017 and in perspective of the over zenith survival genre. On the other hand there…

  • Delete History

    Delete History


    Please select all pictures showing traffic lights. Nice! Now please select all pictures showing a crosswalk. Oh boi, you didn't hit the zebra - good job! Now how about selecting all pictures showing turquoise shops exclusively selling boxed banana juice?!... I AM NOT A ROBOT!*

    French-belgian comedy Effacer L' Historique portraits three middle class suburbans' struggle with digitalization. Blackmailed with a sex tape, reviewbombed uber profile, online-bullied children and exhausted creditcards after falling in love with a selling voice -…

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  • Expedition Happiness

    Expedition Happiness

    Hipsters do what hipsters do: Travel through Canada, acting like they aren't on vacation but some kind of cosmic mission, narcisstic self-display and having opinions on the big issues of life like "luck" and "purpose" - and unluckily don't keep them for themselves.
    After all the environment takes especially from drone-cam are beautiful and lateron there are actually some tellworthy anecdotes. Don't justify bearing those constant idiotic vlog/selfie entries nevertheless. If you are so enthusiastic about the landscape, why ya keep standing in the fucking way like some catalog model?!

  • Persian Lessons

    Persian Lessons


    „Nach Auschwitz ein Gedicht zu schreiben, ist barbarisch“ (Adorno)
    (~To indite a poem after Auschwitz is a barbaric act.)

    The contradiction between falling silent in the face of the holocaust and the necessity to realize a understanding and reminder via representation seems to be insuperable. Whereas Resnais' Night and Fog lapses into silence upon its pictures, Schindler's List uses classic hollywood dramaturgy to expose the bureaucracy behind the extermination system.

    Persian Lessons excels at doing a split between those two…