The Green Knight

The Green Knight ★★★


Pretty disappointing, although The Green Knight is not without its merits. Dev Patel is excellent as Gawain, a figure who encounters temptation and courage while on a mystical quest through a medieval A24 pastiche. The sequences that strive for the surreal are the most successful, and the 'Green Chapel' segment is truly haunting. Grade-A sound design and costuming too. But as we've learned from David Lowery's previous work, his templates find an interior, overtly contemplative center to focus on, and that's where this film stumbles. If anything, the meditative storytelling doesn't work when it's also struggling to please as a conventional fantasy. It feels mismatched and unsure of itself throughout. Most of this is a byproduct of attempting to adapt the source material, as I understand, but the aesthetic is just as strange. Full of unnecessarily ugly images. Half the time I couldn't even see anything, and the photography pushes the 'one perfect shot' angle way too hard, presumably to cover any limitations in budget. Tried as I might, I wasn't immersed in the world. It kept trying to impress me, and unfortunately, The Green Knight didn't fully win me over. A lot of people are going to love this movie, just not quite what I was looking for.

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