Jesus Is King

Jesus Is King ★★½


An overwhelming sonic experience that does little to build on what it offers. This is mostly shot in James Turrell's Roden Crater, known as a "gateway to observe light, time, and space", but it hardly constructs a spatial configuration of the streamlined relationship between the space and the natural elements co-existing within it. Even as Kanye yearns to signify the physical role in his relationship with god, it stumbles as a robotic facsimile of the real thing - complete with staged interludes, obnoxious bible title-cards, and a jarring structure. Still, as a forever Kanye fan, this is humbling amidst his typical antics. It's a quiet, reflective work that will be appropriate for some, but it tries so hard to win over non-Christians that I had to sigh and wander out of the theater, almost as soon as I sat down (this is 35 minutes long), with more disconnect than I had brought in. The album is good, though.

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