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  • PYRAMID: Kaleidoscope Memories of Destruction
  • The Rough River, the Placid Sea
  • The Amazonian Angel
  • Polly Two

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  • Looking for an Angel

  • Shape of a Surface


  • Leafless

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  • Looking for an Angel

    Looking for an Angel

    i lost everything i cared for.
    it's always been like that.

    innovatively shot with rough and out-of-focus images,
    dreamy nightly colors, and residual flashback footage;
    intertwined with repressed identity, indelible anxiety, and
    pain. this film has minimal imagery, which i kind of adore
    because you can focus on the reality of the narrative and
    its charm, the friendship, and the heartbreaking plea for
    gentleness. the final scene is one of my favorite moments
    throughout the film, it's haunting, and it…

  • Sacrificed Youth

    Sacrificed Youth

    these distant reminders always give me more hopes.

    the loyalty from the girl’s mind makes the narrative very
    natural and delicate. the calmness makes the rhythm
    extremely comfortable, but the dialogue between the lines
    is unexpectedly cold. the han nationality, the educated
    youth hypocrisy, and the insufficiency of the high altitude
    use a kind of unconsciousness towards the dai people. the
    recognition, learning, and integration of the style are all
    portrayed in detail. the secrecy of minor sins & important

Popular reviews

  • Journey Into Solitude

    Journey Into Solitude

    you lonely traveler,
    no wonder you feel lost.

    a wandering story about a girl who embarks on a journey
    to find herself and the meaning of life. i really adore how
    this lonely journey defines the girl's behavior as traveling
    rather than some running away story. the girl left her
    mother, with a longing, wandered to travel, to explore the
    possibility and the unknown, to find freedom and a better
    life. in the process of searching for beauty, what she…

  • 21st Century Girl

    21st Century Girl

    words are important. 
    your words can hurt me,
    or make me happy. 
    they could ruin my life.

    an omnibus film full of charm, absurdity, and fragility.
    every short film has a unique personal expression - and
    that is gentle and delicate. it was absorbing to see each
    director have a completely different approach to the
    theme about reflecting the moment when one's own
    sexuality or gender fluctuates. some of the short films
    executed the theme amazingly, and some were not…