WALL·E ★★★★

Creatively weaves environmental catastrophe and unchecked consumption promoted by a materialistic culture with an adorable and charming love story. An astounding visual experience, though one that occasionally gets a bit too aggressive with its message. The first two thirds of this film is irrefutably demonstrative of the emotional storytelling heights of which Pixar is capable, and the following adventures in saving the human race from their self-inflicted gradual erosion are a tonal whiplash. Wall-E is the cutest and most innocent Pixar character to date, and while the film always smartly centers its conceit around the little robot and his adventures, it is strongest when it enjoins the message with its characters and doesn't get sidetracked in smashing the audience over the head with apocalyptic themes. An absolutely unbelievable film that kind of loses itself in the final act.

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