Nocturnal Animals

Nocturnal Animals ★★★★

A layered look at revenge, artistic expression and regret told through parallel stories of past, present and fiction. Tom Ford's incredible work is provocative filmmaking at its emotional extreme, mesmerizing and beautiful but often hard to watch, as the director clearly understands the power of visuals and the medium of film as an expressionistic artform. From the bizarre opening title sequence of obese naked women dancing happily, we then go over to our main character Susan who is living a lavish but empty life, and while outward appearances would indicate she has it all, she is deeply unhappy. The contrast demonstrates that materialistic things are often unconnected to contentedness, and throughout the film we see many contrasts and comparisons between the intertwined tales. The fictitious novel is comprised of dark emotional symbolism of the past - characters and events representing the pain she caused in the man she abandoned - and comes together to create unsettling ramifications in the present. A sharp, tight story conveyed with careful precision, this is feel-bad cinema at its finest.

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