Cars 3

Cars 3 ★★★

I've always considered this to be Pixar's worst (possibly because anything that tried to follow Cars 2 would inevitably be underwhelming) but I won't lie I had a great time rewatching it. Pixar has matured tremendously, but from the beginning Cars has never been a part of that process. Cars is for children, cars for kids. Think of Andy from Toy Story playing with his toys – he's the target audience, and I bet he'd love this. It's a very soft movie, full of unearned sentimentality and with nary a hard blow anywhere to be found, but it's fun, cheesy and formulaic, totally innocent and childish. They kinda half-assed the script and went extra hard on the technical elements—particularly the breathtaking animation—which makes for a somewhat emotionally confusing experience in that the filmmaking is so strong that moments hit a lot harder than the narrative logically dictates; but I just cannot bring myself to be annoyed. I'm officially declaring it: Cars 3 is a decent movie.

1.5 -> 3

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