Tenet ★★★

Let's get something straight here: I am not going to pretend in a film snobby way that I am even close to being clever enough to understand this film. Regardless of your grasp on theoretical physics, however, the action sequences are stunning and this is a film that is definitely enjoyable to watch, albeit in a self-surrendering state of ignorance. Yet it was also a little flimsy. For example, the over-arching premise - in simplistic terms - is that the protagonist must save the world from total destruction (I am not going to tag that as a spoiler, my apologies) yet there was never a concept of a world to save. The rest of the world: the locations; the people - even those close to the main characters, took on the quality of a separate, uniform identity, which may strengthen the primary characters' power, or the theme of a twilight world, but also make them appear cold and out of touch. A few of the performances, I felt, had the same quality of distance that unfortunately made the film feel further out of reach or an unfortunate Christopher Nolan pastiche. If like me, you went into this film expecting the sequel to Inception, prepare to come away a little disappointed. But, if you just want to get off your couch and back into a cinema, there's no better escapism on screens right now.

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