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This review may contain spoilers.

I loved every minute of Promising Young Woman. Emerald Fennel's directorial debut feature, that contains Harry Powell (Robert Mitchum) driving the stolen car scene from Charles Laughton's first and only directorial feature The Night of the Hunter (1955), consistently denies the audience what they want. Justice is eventually given but without the pleasure of the titular character being alive. Carey Mulligan's Cassandra had to get killed to fully serve justice to her deceased friend Nina Fischer, it’s just one tragedy replacing another. I think the point of the ending was that many sexual predators in the end don’t see that they did anything wrong. The point was to piss the audience off and have 'em see how little "super-f*ckable" women’s lives mean to those rap*sts. It’s supposed to make you vexed with outlaws. And it represents real life, the most women can do as victims is tell their stories and report what actually happened. An awful lot of women end up shamed or murdered when trying to leave abusive situations. All the "creepy d**chebags" Cassandra lures, however, are total caricatures which is fine from a comedy POV but in reality, you'd get men that are far more menacing.

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